Where To Find The Most Gnarly Snowboard Runs On The East Coast

If you're into snowboarding, then you know that most of the big runs are out west. When people talk about excellent snowboarding, they usually mention California, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. The popular contention amongst skiers and snowboarders is that there is nothing great east of the Rockies. The idea is that snow out west is soft, which makes it perfect for snowboarding. On the other hand, snow on the east coast is considered too icy. This is because the mountains are often significantly lower than there western counterparts.

Does this mean you need to fly out west to find a good snowboard run? Absolutely not. There are some world-class places to snowboard in the North East. So, get your board and helmet ready and pick out your destination.

Whiteface Mountain, New York

When people say there are no world-class ski runs in the North East, they must not have heard about Whiteface. This is a tremendous mountain. It was the site of 1980 Olympic skiing events.

It has the one of the largest vertical drops in the entire country, exceeding even well-known runs like those at Aspen. One of its runs, The Slide, is considered to be the incredibly exhilarating and also one of the more extreme Black Diamond runs east of the Rockies.

Smugglers Notch, Vermont

This is the site of the North East's only triple black diamond. The mountain also gets more snow than any other mountain in the area.

If you're looking for the most extreme snowboarding, then you should check out Smugglers Notch's Black Hole run. This is the notorious triple black diamond run that has been featured in newspapers.

Sugarloaf, Maine

This is the largest ski area in the east cost. The mountain has over 20 black diamond runs. It is a huge destination for skiers and snowboarders. You could spend several vacations there without getting through all of the runs.

The park also added a special snowboarding park in 2008. This section of the mountain is designed especially for snowboarding. If you want to spend time working on tricks, instead of going on long runs, then you will love this park.

Cannon Mountain, New Hampshire

If you're looking for an alternative to the fancy, commercial ski resorts, then check out Cannon Mountain. Unlike some resorts that have been cleared and look machine made, Cannon still has a wild look. There are acres of untouched wilderness. The runs are steep, but the real attraction to this mountain is being able to snowboard in a pristine, wild environment.

Wherever you decide to go, don't forget the importance of having the proper snowboard helmets and other equipment to protect you.