Why Wear Knickers? And More About Plus-Fours And Their Place In Golf

Many aspects of golf have changed a great deal in the last decade or so -- the increased distance of the golf ball, cutting-edge technology and materials in clubs and performance fabrics in golf apparel. But golf's history holds tremendous appeal for many players, and there's no doubt that seeing the occasional player in knickers and a old-fashioned cap can make you smile. Where did the tradition of wearing knickers to play golf come from?

Busting 2 Prevalent Myths About Yogic Alignment

Bringing your body into proper alignment helps you realize the benefits of yoga and avoid injury. Postures that move toward body alignment are often vitalizing, therapeutic and relaxing, while failing to master good posture could lead to an injured back, shoulders or soft tissue. Unfortunately, there are certain misconceptions about yogic alignment that could end up doing you more harm than good. Here is a look at how you can reframe some of those misconceptions to suit you so you can make your yoga practice more effective, sensual and satisfying.

Buying Your First Liveaboard Sailboat? Learning About Your Toilet Options Is Not A "Waste" Of Time!

If you are shopping for your first liveaboard sailboat, you likely have a detailed "wish list" that you use to research and investigate prospective boats. Obviously, factors like boat length, sleeping capacity, seaworthiness, and price range are all important to consider. If you are like many first-time liveaboard sailboat shoppers, you have probably limited your search to boats sized between 25 and 35 feet long. Sailboats in these sizes are unique because their sizes make them ideal for a variety of uses, including racing, day sailing, and living aboard, so one important (and often unspoken!

A Beginner's Basic Primer On Using Rubber Worms For Bass

Among the most classic of all largemouth and smallmouth bass lures is the traditional rubber worm. Those who are new to rubber worms might not be 100% sure how to actually use the lures to get strike after strike from bass great and small. There are a few specific points to keep in mind when using a rubber worm. Following these suggestions will increase the chances the lure evokes a response in a hungry freshwater predator.

The Advantages of Practicing Kobudo

An increased focus on physical fitness has led many people to explore new pathways that can bring them toward enlightenment, excitement, and bodily strength. Involving your mind in the process along with your body can allow you to find the balance you desire, and practicing kobudo can provide you with an opportunity to achieve that balance. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the benefits of the practice of kobudo.