Foot And Ankle Problems Keeping You From Your Zip Tour? Try These Helpful Tips

Zip tours can be fun and exciting activities during the summer. But if you can't meet the physical demands of the tour because of foot or ankle problems, you may not get a chance to experience it. The tours often include other outdoor activities, such as hiking, canoeing and rock climbing, that require you to be in reasonably good physical shape to experience. There are things you can do to prepare or protect your feet and ankles during a zip line tour, including these below.

Invest in Custom-Fitted Hiking Shoes

If your zip tour includes walking long distances or trekking through rough terrain, you want to invest in a pair of supportive hiking shoes. However, don't choose footwear from an online retailer. Instead, visit a local orthotics store and have your shoes custom-fitted for your feet.

An orthotics provider can examine each foot separately. Even though you have foot and ankle problems, the issues can affect each foot differently. For instance, some ankle problems develop when you have too much water in your body. The water can build up fluids in one ankle but not the other.

The same goes for foot problems. One foot can have corns, calluses and bunions, while the other foot only has bunions on it. Wearing footwear that doesn't cater to your specific problems can increase your risks for developing pain and inflammation on your zip tour.

Custom-fitted hiking shoes contour to the natural curve of your heels, insteps and soles. The shoes should also fit comfortably around your ankles, which helps prevent stress on the bones that connect your ankles to your lower leg.

If possible, have your custom-fitted hiking shoes made slightly larger than your feet. Larger shoes give your toes enough room to wiggle around, especially if you plan to wear thick socks. 

Visit Your Doctor Before Your Tour

Once you find the perfect footwear for your tour, schedule a visit with your doctor. Your physician can examine your feet and ankles and prescribe medications or creams that keep pain at bay when you hike, rock climb or zip line on the tour. In some cases, your doctor may refer you to a podiatrist for care. 

A podiatrist may prescribe special ankle wraps, bunion covers, arch supports, and other protective items that support your toes, feet and ankles when you participate in your activities. It's a good idea to see the foot doctor as soon as possible to obtain your supportive items. Unless the podiatrist has these items in the office, he or she may need to custom order them for you.

If you have questions about the activities in your zip tour, contact the company directly. The company may offer easier tour options to meet your needs