4 Reasons To Wear Motorcycle Helmet

Despite the fact that your risk of suffering from a head injury is greatly decreased in a motorcycle accident simply by wearing a motorcycle helmet, there are many people who are still not convinced that it is a necessity. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn a few of the most important reasons to wear a helmet. 

Helmets Can Be A Lifesaver

A motorcycle helmet can help prevent you from suffering the fate of death. Although this fact might seem a bit hyperbolic, there are stats to back up this claim. If you are wearing a helmet, you are 37% more likely to survive a severe motorcycle accident. Laws that require cyclists to wear motorcycle helmets also support this statistic. There are currently 20 states that require the use of a helmet for road use. Out of the deaths that occurred in these states, only 12% were not wearing a helmet. Compare this with the numbers of the states that have partial helmet laws and no helmet laws, respectively: 64% and 79%.

Money Saving

In a recent study conducted by CDC, it was noted that approximately $3 billion dollars was saved on the federal levels by cyclists wearing helmets. This was due to the fact that most cyclists who suffered from an accident, and then subsequently had that accident exacerbated by not wearing a helmet, were subject to having to pay for medical costs and experiencing a loss of productivity. A loss of productivity accounts for non-paid time off of work. Ultimately, the average amount saved per cyclist is approximately $725.

There Are No Adverse Effects Of Wearing A Helmet

There is a common myth that wearing a helmet can exacerbate certain injuries that occur during a motorcycle accident. This is simply not the case. Motorcycle helmets do not increase the likelihood of you receiving a spinal injury, for example. There are those who claim that helmets restrict their total vision or make it difficult to hear traffic while on the road, but this is simply not the case.

Increases Visibility

Not only are motorcycle helmets large and easy to spot by other motorists, most often contain reflective surfaces that will make your visibility that much more blatant.

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is likely the law in your state. Aside from that, hopefully this article has informed you of a few other good reasons to keep your helmet on.

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