Do You Live With A Golf Lover? Send Them On The Ultimate Trip To Watch The Master's In Augusta

If you a super fan who has always wanted to head to Augusta National Golf Club to watch the Master's, you can plan a great trip as a present. Even if you know nothing about golf or how the event works, you can still plan them the best trip to enjoy the tournament.

You want to find the right travel company in the Augusta area that manages the big event, and that works to accommodate the guests. Consider the following when you're ready to book the trip.

Masters Package

Get a package that has all the tickets for the days of the tournament, and find out if you can get some of the practice round tickets as well. The practice rounds are usually less crowded so the ultimate fans can get closer to their favorite golfers, and take the time to really enjoy the course. The package may even come with accommodations for a stay nearby. Price out packages and choose the most accommodating for your budget and the time the golf lover has to spend in Augusta. Contact a local golfing business to learn more about 2016 Masters packages. Reservations It can be hard to get into some of the restaurants or into the clubhouse for a meal. Make reservations or have the company that you get the Master's package from help you plan out the meals, so they dine where the tournament is taking place, and some of the other enjoyable places in Augusta. This is important because there will be long lines and waits when the tournament has started.

Other Courses

Is your golf lover going to want to do some golfing of their own when they are in Augusta? If so, you can get them tee times for nearby courses on the days when the tournament isn't going on, or on the days that they don't have tickets to the tournament. This way they can spend some of their time playing and not just watching. You can set up your tee time, cart rental and more.

If your golf lover is going to want to company and you don't think it will be you, let them know that you are giving them this great gift in advance so they can find someone to participate in all the fun. This is going to be a tournament that many golf enthusiasts dream of going to in a lifetime, and you can set up the entire weekend without having a lot of knowledge about the tournament, the area and more.