The Ocean Is Calling You: 3 Steps To Take Before You Answer The Call In Your New Offshore Boat

If you've recently purchased your first offshore boat, you're probably anxious to take it out to sea. Your first voyage out to sea can be an exciting adventure. Unfortunately, it can also be extremely dangerous, especially if you're not properly prepared. Even if you've got years of experience sailing onshore boats, or years of experience as a passenger on offshore boats, there are still some things you'll need to do before you set sail on your own. Here are three suggestions that will help prepare you for your first voyage as captain of your own offshore boat.

Gain Experience as a Crew Member

Before you take on the title of captain on the open seas, make sure you fully understand everything that title entails. Try a few trips out to sea as a member of the crew. Being a crew member will allow you to experience first-hand all the complexities involved with operating an offshore boat. Find someone who has captained more than just a few offshore excursions. This will ensure that you're being mentored by a captain who has experience with all types of offshore situations – including inclement weather.

Test the Swells

Once you've worked as a crew member and gained the experience you need to head out to sea on your own, it will be time to test your boat. You'll need to find out how your new boat maneuvers through swells. For best results, take the time to test your boat over several days, preferably during different types of weather conditions. For instance, begin testing your offshore boat on a clear day when the sea is smooth. Continue taking your boat offshore until you've worked up to winds that you have to work through and swells up to at least 10 ft. Once you and your crew are comfortable with the way your boat handles in those conditions, you'll be ready to head out to sea for an extended voyage.

Start Small

You may want to hit the open seas and sail across the country, but that might not be the best excursion when you're first starting out. Instead, start out small, planning excursions that last several days at a time. Continue to build up until you're staying out on the ocean for longer periods of time.

If you just purchased your first offshore boat, you want to make sure you're fully prepared for your first big voyage as captain. The tips here will help you prepare for the open seas. Click here for more info on offshore boats.