Tubing Tips For Your Next River Adventure

If you want to go on a relaxing adventure, then a river tube ride may be a great option for you. There are dozens of places where you can tube all throughout the country. Before you go on your adventure though, there are a few things you should do to make your trip as easy and comfortable as possible. Keep reading to learn about these things.

Use An Outfitter

If you want to plan your trip ahead of time, then it is wise to utilize a tubing outfitter. This type of company will supply you with the tubes, shuttle you back to your vehicle, and provide you with direct access to the river. Typically, a 44 inch diameter river tube will be provided for you to use. While most tubes are open on the bottom, varieties with a canvas bottom are likely available as well. A canvas bottomed variety is useful if you want to bring a cooler with you that is filled with drinks. Just make sure the cooler is bungee corded to the tube so it does not tip over. 

Some outfitters also offer small paddles for rental. Your tube will float with the passive current of the river, but you may need to kick your feet in some areas where the current is not as strong. A paddle can be useful in moving your tube much more quickly. 

Bring Extra Items

It is wise to wear shoes during the tubing adventure, because the bottom of the river is likely rocky. Do not wear sandals that can slip off the feet. You should instead wear tennis shoes or water shoes. Also, you should bring an old cotton sheet with you that can be wrapped around the sides of the tube. Most river tubes are black or another dark color. This means they will get hot under the rays of the sun. The sheet will help to keep the tube cool. Also, by covering the tube, you can prevent your skin from rubbing directly against the rubber. This can prevent irritation and rashes. 

If you intend on bringing a cooler with you, then also bring a trash bag. This will help you to collect empty cans so they do not end up in the water. Police officers will patrol many popular river tubing areas and hand out tickets to individuals who litter. This may mean a hefty fine if your garbage accidentally slips into the water. 

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