Three Signs Your Gun Is Not Functioning Correctly

While the most obvious sign of a damaged gun is a weapon that won't fire, this is definitely not the only sign of a problem. There are a host of other signs that can help alert you of a malfunction. Learn how to spot these signs to protect your weapon and, most importantly, your safety.

Low Sound When Pulling the Trigger

When pulling the trigger on your weapon, you should hear a fairly loud clicking or snapping sound. If you have heard this sound in the past and suddenly stop hearing it when pulling the trigger, this can be a sign of a problem. This issue is generally an indication that the firing pin has broken.

Unfortunately, there generally isn't a way to repair the firing pin. The only way to resolve the issue is to completely replace it. It's best to stop using the weapon until you've done this, as firing a gun with a damaged pin can cause damage to the chamber, which can lead to costlier repairs.

Round-Extraction Failure

When firing a round, the chamber is designed to automatically extract the round from the weapon. When this doesn't happen, there is likely an issue taking place with the extractor. If this problem occurs, the first thing you want to do is disassemble the weapon.

In some cases, the problem can be something as minor as a buildup of debris within the weapon that is preventing the round from extracting properly. Disassembling and cleaning the weapon should generally be enough to resolve the issue. If for some reason this does not resolve your issue, it's likely that the extractor has failed and needs to be replaced.

Multiple Firings

When you fire your weapon, you expect it to fire a single round. When your weapon is firing multiple rounds from a single trigger pull, this is an immediate cause for concern. A simple reason for this issue is again a buildup of debris near the firing pin that causes it to get stuck, firing more than one round. Cleaning the area can resolve the problem. However, a broken catch sear can also lead to multiple firings, which would require replacement.

While this issue is more commonly found among semi-automatic weapons, it can happen with other guns as well. Whatever the reason, if your weapon is behaving in this manner, you need to immediately stop using it and have it repaired.

A key element of gun safety is a properly functioning weapon. If your gun is not operating correctly, have it repaired immediately.

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