What Is the Best Natural and Live Bait for Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades?

Tarpon are well known for their acrobatics. They are a favorite for fishermen for a variety of reasons. This species is beautiful, big, can run fast, jump high, and fights hard. One of the favorite spots for catching them is in the Everglades. This location is known for having big Tarpon.

If you are planning to go tarpon fishing, then you are going to need the right bait. It is also important to go at the right time. The best time for everglades tarpon fishing is from March through June. The peak migration is from April to May.  Read on to find out the best natural and live bait you should use.

Shrimp Looks Natural

Shrimp is one of the ways to attract tarpon to your hook. For good results, you should use large shrimp. It helps to hook your shrimp under its head and freeline your rod. You should avoid using floats with it because you want the shrimp to swim naturally.

Your rod should be raised to allow your shrimp to skip across the surface. This movement will arouse the curiosity of tarpon. It helps to keep casting until you get a bite.

Fish Makes Good Bait

Pinfish, mullet, and pilchards make good bait for this sport. You want to keep the fish alive for as long as possible. The baitfish should be hooked in front of the dorsal fin or behind the anal fin.

If you see tarpon, then you want to cast in front of them. You want the tarpon to notice, but not get startled. Dead fish can be used, but you should cut it up in pieces. It also helps to keep it out of the grass.

Crabs Can Give You Options

Crabs are another option for live bait. If you are going to use crabs for bait, then you need to remove the claws. The hook should be put in the crustacean from the bottom up. You can cast in front of a tarpon, but you want the crab to slowly sink in front of it.

Natural bait is a good choice because it gives you the best results during an ebb tide. An ebb tide is when a tidal current moves away from land. It is called flooding when the tidal current moves toward land.

Technique is a big factor for coming away with a lot or big catch. You also have to know how to land the fish properly. It helps to learn as much as possible before your next fishing trip, so talk to a company like Fintastic Fishing Charters for more information before your trip to the Everglades.