Awesome Ways To Use Volleyballs To Raise Awareness And Create Memories

Are you passionate about volleyball? Perhaps you used to be a player. You may even be a coach or volunteer for a local volleyball team in your community. There are numerous ways you can use volleyballs besides spiking and playing a few good games. The following are a few ways you may have never thought of. 


Student athletes sometimes face obstacles getting enough money for volleyball supplies. There are also some areas where volleyball is not a well-known athletic program. This can interfere with allocated funding, especially if a school system attributes most of its athletic funding to another sport such as football. One way to get funding for athletic programs that receive less funding is to hold fundraisers. You may be familiar with fundraiser companies that you have to share profits with. However, you can purchase volleyballs and use those to promote your own fundraisers. For example, you could reward people who make donations over a certain amount with a volleyball signed by the volleyball players and coaches. 

Player Gifts

After a good season of volleyball, student-athletes will be on their way to participate in other seasonal sports or to hone their volleyball skills. You can keep their "spirit" alive for volleyball by awarding them volleyballs as gifts to keep them busy or practicing. If you live in an area where people go to the beach or parks to play volleyball year-round, you know that a good volleyball is a treasured item. Award the valuable team players with a high-quality volleyballs such as the ones that are used in the Olympics. If you want to make them really feel special, write a personal message on each ball. Perhaps you are a parent or a loved one of someone who has a passion for volleyball. You can also buy Olympic volleyballs to give as gifts for special occasions such as birthdays. 


At some point, student athletes go on to become college or professional athletes. Some of them go even further and become great Olympians. Many of these volleyball players remember where it all started, but few of them have actual mementos and keepsakes. Trophies, medals, and certificates are the closest things that many volleyball players have to a memento of their early volleyball years. This is why it is a good idea to buy volleyballs to be given to players as mementos. They can be given to seniors who are going on to the next chapter of their life or to each player every year that they play for your team. You can make these volleyball mementos even better by having players sign each others' volleyballs or write meaningful messages on them.