Selecting A Golf Cart For Community Transportation

If you just moved into a gated community, such as a retirement area or trailer park, and you have noticed neighbors are using golf carts as a means of transportation on the property, you may have considered purchasing one for your own use. Golf carts are a great alternative to using a full-sized vehicle as they cost less to run, will save you from wear and tear on your regular form of transportation, and are able to get through narrow streets with ease. Here are some points to consider when purchasing a golf cart to use within your community.

Decide Whether Gas Or Electric Suits Your Needs

When someone lives in a community, they may not want to have to remember to run out to get gas to put inside of their cart. Purchasing an electric-powered cart is a great alternative. The battery can be charged at your home in between uses. If you plan to using your cart for long distances however, gas may be a better option so your battery does not lose its charge while you are out on the roads. Ask your sales person how long a battery charge lasts, as well as an approximate mileage amount this will handle, before purchasing your cart. Use this information to drive around your community in the way you would in a cart to see if the amount will last for the tasks you plan to undertake.

Consider The Amenities A Cart Offers

Picking out a cart is much like picking out a vehicle. You have the option in selecting the upholstery you enjoy, as well as getting a cart with an included radio if you want to listen to tunes as you navigate your community. The size of the cart you select will make a difference in whether you can pick up friends or family members or if you have to scoot along by yourself. You also have the option in picking out a cart with a custom horn or colored headlights. One of the main features to check over before making a purchase, is the canopy. Shake the golf cart to see if it is secure before making a purchase. If the canopy seems to wobble out of place, it is not constructed to last.

Think About Buying Used To Save Money

Many purchase a used golf cart when they use it for community use. This gives you the option to spend your money on a new battery instead of all the bells and whistles that come along with a new vehicle. Check around your community first to see if a neighbor has a golf cart for sale. Alert a golf cart sales service of your desire, such as Cart Company, to purchase an older vehicle, as they may have connections to get you one promptly.