Pros And Cons Of Keeping A Round Chambered

When you train to carry a concealed firearm, there are many different considerations for you to keep in mind. You'll want to think about the size and type of the weapon, as well as what type of holster you'll use to keep the gun secure and hidden on your body. Should you choose to carry a semi-automatic pistol instead of a revolver, another topic to consider is whether or not you'll keep a round in the chamber. There are pros and cons to doing so.

Pro: You Can Use The Gun Faster

If you carry a concealed weapon, there's a high probability that you'll never need to draw it. However, should you make the critical decision to pull your gun out, you should expect to use it. In such an incident, having a round already chambered will allow you to simply flick off the safety and pull the trigger, which a trained gun owner can do in one movement. Without a round in the chamber, you'd need to cock the gun — which can take valuable time in a life-threatening situation.

Con: It May Feel Less Safe

Provided that you have the safety engaged, there's nothing that you'll need to worry about if you carry a pistol with a chambered round. However, for the novice CCW holder, it can feel a little less safe to carry your gun in this manner. You may be worried about an accidental discharge, for example, which could result in the bullet striking you or someone around you.

Pro: Your Capacity Increases

When you chamber a round, it leaves the gun's magazine and slides into the chamber. This means that, technically, you can eject the magazine and add another round to it. This strategy is advantageous in terms of increasing the amount of ammunition that you have ready to use. For example, if your pistol has a capacity of 10 shots, chambering a round and adding another one will allow you to have 11 bullets in the gun.

Con: You May Worry About Acting Too Quickly

Some gun owners may worry that with a round already chambered, they'll be too hasty to pull the trigger. The act of cocking a pistol, for some, may give you an extra second to evaluate the situation and decide how you'll proceed. If you feel that you sometimes make rash decisions that you later regret, a round in the chamber might not be for you. Remember, if you have any reservations about carrying your concealed weapon with a round in the chamber, you should attend CCW training to get more comfortable with carrying your firearm, and contact professionals like BluCore Shooting Center for more information.