When You Want To Buy Recreational Cannabis: Know What You Are Looking For

With recreational cannabis legal in a number of states, you may be ready to visit a recreational dispensary in your area. Now that it is legal in your area to purchase cannabis, you have access to higher quality products with specific strains to treat medical issues if you are interested. A recreational dispensary will have products for the recreational user, but will also have the knowledge you want when it comes to the medical uses of cannabis. Even when you aren't a medical user, you may find that using cannabis will benefit your health in a wide range of ways. Talk with the dispensary professional about the strains available and how to effectively use each type of product.

You Have to Be 21 Years Old Or Older

In order to legally buy products in a recreational dispensary, you must be at least 21 years old and have legal identification. You must show your ID before you are allowed to enter the dispensary.

When You Are First Trying Cannabis

If you are just starting out as a cannabis user, you can get overwhelmed with the number of products you see available. A good way to start is with a vape pen and a cannabis oil cartridge. They are easy to use, and you can take small puffs on the vape pen if you are worried about getting too high on the cannabis. Start small and learn how the cannabis makes you feel before you try more potent products.

If You Don't Want to Smoke

You can try edibles, but these can have a strong effect for the first time user. If you don't want to smoke but you want to try THC, tinctures will give you a similar effect. All you need is a drop or two on your tongue and you will feel the effects of the THC just as if you smoked it. A standard edible dose is 10 mg, but you can find small edibles in a 2.5 mg dose if you want to give them a try. Edibles and tinctures do not give off an odor, making it easier to use in situations where you want to use THC discreetly.

Recreational dispensaries are full of a variety of cannabis products for users of all levels. Talk with the staff to learn more about the different strains available to you, and find out more about the products you would like to try.