Sports Netting Installer: Custom Batting Cage Or Golf Range

If you're looking to transform an indoor or outdoor space at home into a driving range or batting cage, custom sports netting installation can create the perfect training simulator. When it comes to custom sports netting installation, specific design choices can make a huge difference.

Here are some of the ways to improve your custom sports netting installation design.

Designing Dimensions

Creating the perfect practice space at home should start by optimizing the space you're working with.  The best custom sports netting installation professionals can work with you to design the dimensions of your space to create the perfect home training spot.

1. Outdoor Spaces: choosing how to orientate your outdoor batting or driving range is important. For instance, to promote ventilation, you'll need to consider the prevailing wind direction. You will also need to consider UV exposure and the shadow patterns created by surrounding objects. Custom sports netting installation professionals can crunch meteorological data to figure out the average wind speeds and directions. They can also shoot a time-lapse video of the spot(s) you're considering to get a better idea of how changes throughout the day will impact the space.

2. Indoor Spaces: if you're creating an indoor batting or driving range, you'll likely have less space to work with. Your custom sports netting installation professionals can help you get the most out of your indoor space. For instance, they might create an angled indoor space and focus on using the height of smaller spaces.

Netting Options

Not all sports netting products are created equally. In addition to choosing a netting that's appropriate for your sport, you also need to choose a netting that's perfect for your space.

1. Construction: sports netting products are typically woven from nylon or other synthetic materials. These netting products can vary wildly when it comes to strength, durability, elasticity, and cost. Your custom sports netting installation professionals can help you choose the right netting product for your space and budget. For instance, if you're hitting baseballs in a very small space, you need a sports netting product that flexes to absorb impact. However, if you're hitting softballs or golfballs, you'll exert less stress on your netting.

2. Blending: to save on cost, custom sports netting installation professionals can utilize a hybrid approach. This means using a more expensive and durable netting product for the impact zone and a less expensive netting product for other sides of your driving range or batting cage.